Review: Quackery

Quackery by Lydia King and Nate Pedersen Equal parts mortifying, morbid and fascinating, Quackery is a guided tour through the horrifying world of medicine and health care in days gone by. I eat these kinds of books up like candy, who doesn’t like lurid trivia of the not-so-good ol’ days? I know I do! I really liked the layout, it’s akin to my favorite magazine, Mental Floss with little factoids on every page to highlight the subject. Very well organized, full of stomach turning stories of medical mistakes and maladies, it kept me turning pages and very thankful I live … Continue reading Review: Quackery

Review: Runes for Beginners

Runes for Beginners: Simple Divination and Interpretation by Alexandra Chauran This is a great resource for anyone who would like to learn more about the use of Runes in divination, whether you’re just getting started or an experienced user. The detailed and easy to understand information covers everything from the history and meanings of the runes to how to cast and create your own set of runes. When I began this book, I already had a set of runes and some basic understanding. While some of the rune names are different then what I learned (the book calls one rune … Continue reading Review: Runes for Beginners

Review: In the Company of Dolphins

In the Company of Dolphins: A Memoir by Irwin Shaw Print Length: 107 pages Publisher: Open Road Media (August 16, 2016) Publication Date: August 16, 2016 Sold by: Amazon Digital Services LLC Language: English ASIN: B01GP8MOIQ Reviewer: Mystereity Reviews When I read the description of In The Company Of Dolphins, I thought it was going to be a kind of travel guide. I was completely mistaken, and I was not disappointed. In The Company Of Dolphins is so much more than a travel guide; it is a fascinating look back, not only to the exotic ports of call but also on … Continue reading Review: In the Company of Dolphins

Review: Leading the Blind

Leading the Blind: A Century of Guide Book Travel by Alan Sillitoe “If the traveler will have a third golden maxim for his guidance it may be, “When fatigue begins, enjoyment ceases.” – Alan Sillitoe, Leading the Blind I requested this book from Netgalley because I was intrigued about tourism in the nineteenth and early 20th century. And I wasn’t disappointed, this well researched book details several of the popular travel guides of that period and highlights how little the vagaries of travel have changed, and yet how much it changed the world. After the industrial revolution created an affluent … Continue reading Review: Leading the Blind

Review: The Secret Poisoner

The Secret Poisoner: The Victorian Age of Poisoning by Linda Stratmann What a great book! Very well organized and thoroughly researched, the book neatly lays out the progression of forensic toxicology in the 1800s, encompassing some truly outrageous poisonings in England, France and even in the United States. I don’t know what surprised me more, how many people got away with it, or how many people were found guilty of their crimes. Forensic toxicology was in its infancy during the nineteenth century and some of the techniques used to find poisons in the body after death were ingenious. Equally amazing … Continue reading Review: The Secret Poisoner