Review: Quackery

Quackery by Lydia King and Nate Pedersen Equal parts mortifying, morbid and fascinating, Quackery is a guided tour through the horrifying world of medicine and health care in days gone by. I eat these kinds of books up like candy, who doesn’t like lurid trivia of the not-so-good ol’ days? I know I do! I really liked the layout, it’s akin to my favorite magazine, Mental Floss with little factoids on every page to highlight the subject. Very well organized, full of stomach turning stories of medical mistakes and maladies, it kept me turning pages and very thankful I live … Continue reading Review: Quackery

Review: Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual

Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual: For Everyone from Beginner to Pro by Bobbi Brown I’ve heard about this book from different sources, and as I’ve been paying more attention to my skin and makeup in the last few months (getting old is hell) I thought I’d see if I could pick up a few tips. There’s a nice long section on skin care; covering the different skin types and how to determine what your skin type is, the types of cleansers and moisturizers to use and how to apply, and lots of tips and tricks. It helped me to straighten out … Continue reading Review: Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual

Review The Gut Health Diet Plan

The Gut Health Diet by Christine Bailey A great resource, The Gut Health Diet Plan offers information, solutions and hope to people suffering from gut problems like IBS, celiac disease, gluten sensitivity and other digestive problems. I was interested to read this because I have minor stomach problems from time to time and I was looking for ideas on how to improve my digestion.  The information is laid out in an easy to understand and precise way.  No scientific jargon to confuse you, just plain English.  I especially liked the information about probiotic supplements and leaky gut, I’ve done a … Continue reading Review The Gut Health Diet Plan