Murder in the Community Garden (Tory Benning #3)

Murder in the Community Garden
(Tory Benning #3)
by Judith Gonda

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

I requested Murder in the Community Garden from Netgalley because the blurb sucked me in;   Tory Benning, a landscape architect, arrives at the community garden she landscaped. But trouble brews when Mac and Bunny, two opposing mayoral candidates, accuse each other on TV of produce thefts from their garden plots and moments later, Bunny is found dead and Mac is the prime suspect.

This is the first book I’ve read in the Tory Benning series. It was pretty good, Tory and her friends are a likeable and interesting crew and the plot was suitably twisty and kept me on my toes.  This one definitely trends young – late teens/early 20s young – so younger readers will probably enjoy the many social issue references in this book.  As for me, reading is my escape from the world, so I prefer books that keep it cozy with fewer references to the issues currently causing so much strife and stress.  

This was a cute book and I definitely recommend it to younger kids looking to get into cozy mysteries.

Published May 10th 2022 by Beyond the Page Publishing

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