The Murder Chronicles (Tess and Tilly #13)

The Murder Chronicles
Tess and Tilly #13
Kathi Daley

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.


Ooo this was a good one. I gobbled it down in just under 2 hours and now I have to wait until September for the next book *sigh* So worth it though, this isn’t a series you can just read a chapter here and there; once I start one, I have to go until I finish it.

In The Murder Chronicles, Tess is sent a package from a man named Simon requesting her help on a cold case. Back in the late 1950s, a man, Roland, created a group to investigate his brother’s suspicious death and invited Simon to join. After solving that one, they picked 12 more cases to solve. Over the years, they managed to solve 11, but the last one, a case of a woman who went missing in White Eagle decades before. The last surviving member of the group, Simon has been diagnosed with terminal cancer and, weeks from death, wishes to see the case solved. Unable to resist the call of the cold case, Tess, Tony, Bree and Mike set out to solve a decades old crime – without knowing if a crime was committed or not.

Absolutely riveting case! Although it was pretty obvious from the start that the woman met with foul play, it wasn’t easy to find out what happened to her, as there were few villagers who were alive and old enough to remember that time. I enjoyed the way the pieced together the story and the reveal at the end was bittersweet and a great closure to the tragedy. 

Published May 17th 2022 by Kathi Daley Books

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