Umbrellas and Undertakers ( Isle of Man Ghostly Cozy #21)

Umbrellas and Undertakers
(An Isle of Man Ghostly Cozy Book 21)
by Diana Xarissa

Rating: 4 out of 5.

I love this series. The characters, the plots, the scenery. Definitely one of my comfort series and I’m always excited to read the latest. This one is #21 in the series and what? how did it get this far? Seems like yesterday I picked up Arrivals and Arrests.

In this one, Fenella and police inspector Daniel are out for a walk and decide to get lunch at a sketchy new restaurant. The comedy of errors that follows leaves the restaurant up in flames. As the fire brigade arrives to put out the blaze, Daniel gets a phone call from the station; he has a new case, a terminally ill retired undertaker wishes to make a deathbed statement about comments he overheard 10 years before while preparing for the funeral of a business man, Kent Thomas in which his widow, Tammy, confessed to poisoning the man. Kent’s behavior while alive meant that there was no shortage of suspects – married 3 times, he cheated on all of his wives. He also managed to anger friends and associates over the year. But which of them killed him?

Although the plot was fun, it wasn’t very difficult to work out whodunit but I enjoyed it and I also love catching up with all the characters. Fenella’s neighbor Peter is getting back together with his ex-wife, Shelly’s wedding draws closer, Donald’s daughter is still recovering and Mona is trying out fireworks/smoke/party tunes to announce her arrival so she doesn’t startle Fenella so much. All of these little background interactions are what makes the book for me, it’s more than just a mystery, the characters have really become friends and I’m sooooo invested in their lives too.

Love this series and this was yet another enjoyable entry in Fenella’s crazy life.

Published February 18th 2022

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