To Fetch a Felon (A Chatty Corgi Mystery #1)

To Fetch a Felon
A Chatty Corgi Mystery #1
by Jennifer Hawkins

Rating: 5 out of 5.

To Fetch a Felon is the first book in a series I didn’t know I needed in my life but I’m happy it is! Charming, fun and clever, it was a brilliant start to a new series.

Emma decides to quit her unfulfilling finance job in London and move to Cornwall to open a tea shop. Armed with her nan’s delectable recipes and her corgi Oliver (who can “talk” to her telepathically) Emma arrives in Trevena and immediately angers Victoria, a woman who is committed to stopping any kind of development of the village by controlling much of the real estate in the area. The next day, after baking some delicious scones to try and win Victoria over, Emma arrives at Victoria’s house and finds her dead.  With many suspects and many motives, who killed Victoria and why?

I loved pretty much everything about this book; the quick pace, the lovely village and the quirky villagers, Oliver’s hijinks, and the twisty plot. I thought the investigation (and I use that term loosely, Emma didn’t so much investigate as much as she just went around town talking to different people) felt realistic and believable.  I did wonder why Emma “hears” Oliver but not other animals like Percy or cats?  Also loved Oliver’s backstory about being found arguing with a moose.  I could instantly picture it in my mind! 

Absolutely stinkin’ adorable and I can already tell this is a series I’m going to love. 100% recommend for cozy lovers!

Published December 29th 2020 by Berkley Books

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