The 20 Questions Book Tag

Today, I’m taking on the 20 Questions Book Tag! I found this tag from Mint (Mint Loves Books). buydebook created this tag and posted the questions in the Readaholics group on Goodreads. 1. How many books are too many books in … Continue reading The 20 Questions Book Tag

Batten Down the Belfry (House-Flipper Mystery #4)

I would say this can be read as a standalone or an entry into the series, as there were very few references to the earlier books. I love the little bits of humor and absurdity, from finding a horse standing in the middle of the church to Sawdust’s thoughts about kitty friend Cleo and the playhouse and cafe idea was amazing, definitely a place I’d love to check out! Continue reading Batten Down the Belfry (House-Flipper Mystery #4)

But Knot for Me (A Yarn Retreat Mystery, #8)

! I hear a lot of good things about this series from my cozy mystery friends and when I saw this one, I knew I had to give it a try. I think I’ve tried every flavor of cozy mysteries except yarn cozies – well, until now! And I liked this one right from the first page; some writers have that amazing way of drawing you right into their world from the start and this one definitely did! Continue reading But Knot for Me (A Yarn Retreat Mystery, #8)

The Case of the Canterfell Codicil (Anty Boisjoly Mysteries, #1)

I got this from Netgalley a bit ago and saved it for British Cozy Mystery book bingo. I really enjoyed it, the dry humor, the little barbs here and there, the quips, very entertaining. And although this is a novel written in 2020, it did very much sound like a Wodehouse novel, and thematically it was not unlike a Poirot novel. Thoroughly entertaining from start to finish. Continue reading The Case of the Canterfell Codicil (Anty Boisjoly Mysteries, #1)