Bittersweet Herbs (Potting Shed Mystery #8)

Bittersweet Herbs
(Potting Shed Mystery #8)
by Marty Wingate

Rating: 4 out of 5.
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It’s Cozy Mystery Book Bingo time and this year’s theme is British cozy mysteries. I picked up this one for the Beautiful English Gardens square because no one does gardens better than Pru Parke.

I enjoyed this one, it’s been a minute since I caught up with Pru, Christopher and the gang at Greenoak so I was looking forward to a great mystery and this didn’t disappoint. I liked the idea of a medieval garden and the many Cadfael references make me want to pick up the series again! I really liked that the victim, Claudia, had enough of an introduction that you got a feel for who she was before she was murdered (it’s so much easier to relate to the plot if you “know” the victim first, so kudos to that!) Add in the feel-good side plots of Claudia’s son, Danny and the return of Christopher’s old boss with issues of his own, giving this book a rich multi-faceted plot that really made me feel like I was there.

Published October 19th 2021

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