2022 Reading Challenges!

We’ve spent the last few months readying the 2022 Cozy Mystery Reading Challenges and I’m so excited to finally start them!

First up, we have 2022 Cozy Mystery Book Bingo. The theme is British Cozy Mysteries and I’m so excited! So many great British Cozy Mysteries to choose from! If you’d like to join in and follow along,you can use the board below to keep track and you can get suggestions for books for each square on Storygraph or you can download a handy Book Log to keep track of your reading here

We’ve also have a Cozy Mystery Book Club and we have 12 fantastic books lined up to read in 2022! If you’re interested in joining us, you can get more info on each book on Storygraph

We are active on Reddit, Goodreads, Storygraph and Discord and we welcome all cozy mystery fans to join us

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