2021 Holiday Theme Read Nov. 1 – Jan 2

Guys, I’m so excited about this! With help from the r/CozyMystery Discord, we came up with a great Holiday theme read to put everyone in the Holiday mood. You can download and print out the theme read card or, do what I do – import it into Canva or Photoshop and add each book you’ve read as you finish it. You don’t have to be a member of the Discord or Reddit group, you can follow along and use hashtag #2021HolidayReads in social media or review posts. Below you’ll find links to the Reddit posts with ideas and book recommendations for each category:

Below are links to r/CozyMystery where we’ve posted more information about each square, as well as a list of ideas and book recommendations:. You’re not required to choose from the list of recommendations, you can read any book that fits the square’s theme. There are no book recommendations for the Super Sleuth square; put on your deerstalker and find one!

Fall-ing for Hobbies – Read a book from a hobby series (knitting/crocheting, art, crafts, etc) set during Autumn (Ideas and book recommendations here)

Veteran’s Day – Read a book featuring a retired or active duty veteran (Ideas and book recommendations here)

Turkey Trouble – Read a book from a culinary cozy set at Thanksgiving (Ideas and book recommendations here)

Winter Wonderland – Read a book with a winter storm or blizzard in the plot (Ideas and book recommendations here)

Treacherous Treats – Cookies, fudge, candy – it’s all about holiday treats…and murder! (Ideas and book recommendations here)

Inn the Spirit of Christmas – Read a book set in an Inn/Hotel/B&B at Christmas (Ideas and book recommendations here)

Creature Christmas – Read a book from a pet/animal series set at Christmas (Ideas and book recommendations here)

Super Sleuth – Read a book set at Hanukkah OR New Years. Or both, if you’d like (More info here)

Any questions or ideas to add? You can find me here, or on the Discord server (leave a comment for an invite!) , on Goodreads and on r/CozyMystery

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