The Haunted Homecoming (Southern Ghost Hunter Mysteries #10)

The Haunted Homecoming
(Southern Ghost Hunter Mysteries #10)
by Angie Fox

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I downloaded this one on Netgalley for the r/CozyMystery Halloween theme read and let’s face it, no one does ghosts better than Angie Fox!

First off, I loved the 80s theme. Ahhh high school in the 80s…poofy dresses, poofier hair…you know, like omg totally awesome. Brought back memories of dancing to the newly released Two of Hearts by Stacey Q at my first high school dance. sigh Memories…But anyway, I’m hear to talk about this book; it’s Homecoming in Sugarland and the festivities are just getting underway when a body is found of a missing Homecoming queen who supposedly left town after the dance in 1985 (spoiler: she didn’t, but I figured that part out before I even started reading it.) We also meet Verity’s mother for the first time and really, what woman can’t relate to Tilly and Verity’s relationship? So realistic, I loved it.

But my favorite part of this was that a lot of the plot centered on Frankie; the loveable gangster ghost is going through some issues, wreaking havoc on Verity’s investigation. I loved that it made Frankie a bit more dimensional and…human? for lack of a better word. On one hand, I feel like it was a long time coming and on the other hand, I don’t know why it took this long to do!

A totally rad book from start to finish, like fer sure!

Published August 17th 2021 by Moose Island Books

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