City of the Dead (Alex Delaware #37)

City of the Dead:
Alex Delaware #37
Jonathan Kellerman

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Jonathan Kellerman is one of those authors that I actively search for when the next book will be out, and thanks to Netgalley I got this one before release. No other author can launch me into a world faster than Jonathan Kellerman can and I think this one is the best so far.

In City of the Dead, Milo catches a new case; a naked man was found in the street after getting run over by a moving truck. Tips from neighbors lead to a woman found dead in her home, her throat slashed. Milo and Alex begin to weave their way through scant clues and dead ends to find a ruthless killer.

This one was amazing, I find it difficult to have the willpower to slow down and enjoy it because it’s so easy to get sucked into Alex and Milo’s world. Like Christmas, a new Alex Delaware comes only once a year, so it’s a must to savor it. Did I? Not really, once I get started I find it next to impossible to put down (although I did manage to stretch it out for a month!

I loved the pace in this one; just fast enough to keep the action, interest and plot moving but rich in detail and dimension without bogging it down. While I’ve figured out over the years which characters to suspect, that went out the window with this book. I absolutely loved how it all came about, with Alex being the key to solving the crime, a twist I never saw coming and thoroughly enjoyed. Throw in characters with stories that make you feel for them and you have the perfect recipe for a mystery that will stick with you long after you finish. 5 Stars!

Publication: February 8th 2022 by Ballantine Books

Double or Muffin (Merry Muffin Mystery #7)

Double or Muffin
(Merry Muffin Mystery #7)
by Victoria Hamilton

Rating: 4 out of 5.
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I adore this series, I would love for Merry to be my BFF (maybe she could help me pick out better clothes?) and that castle! Mmmff, I want a castle.

I enjoyed the plot, I love how this series incorporates a lot of characters, but they are so well written that it’s easy to keep them straight. While having so many characters might bog the story down, I’ve found that’s not the case with this series, and I’m sure it takes a lot of skill as a writer to accomplish.

All the hubbub around the tv show was fun (although I’d have to say, I found it slightly weird that people were fawning over opera singers like they were rock stars, but to each their own.) and the investigation into the attack kept me guessing right to the end.

Another great book in the Merry Muffin series and definitely recommend to people who love more cozy (and muffins!) in their cozy mysteries

Published February 23rd 2021 by Beyond the Page

Up to No Gouda (Grilled Cheese Mysteries #1)

Up to No Gouda
(Grilled Cheese Mysteries #1)
by Linda Reilly

Rating: 4 out of 5.
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I picked this one up on Netgalley because like everyone else, I’m obsessed with the idea of a grilled cheese restaurant. This one was a great start to a new series, and although it took me a bit to get into at first, once the introductions were out of the way and the investigating got going, it was hard to put down. And there’s recipes at the end!

The eclectic cast of characters quickly became like friends, I’m going to enjoy getting to know them as the series goes on. The plot, who killed Lyle and why, was a real banger; lots of twists and turns and a big pile of suspects. In the end, I never guessed whodunit, so I must’ve overlooked the clues. Add in the happy endings for a couple of the characters and this was a stellar read, heartwarming and endearing.

A great start to a new series, I’m already looking forward to reading the next book!

Expected publication: January 25th 2022 by  Poisoned Pen Press