Fellowship of Fear(Gideon Oliver #1)

Fellowship of Fear
(Gideon Oliver #1)
by Aaron Elkins

Rating: 1 out of 5.

DNF’ed this at 52%. I’m just not interested enough to finish it.

This one read more like a Da Vinci Code sort of espionage thriller, rather than a mystery. And while it wasn’t a bad book, it’s just not the sort of thing I enjoy reading. The book kicks off with Gideon “The Skeleton Detective” Oliver heading to Heidelberg, Germany to teach seminars at US/NATO bases in Europe. The first chapter was a nice “introduction” so to speak where Gideon meets his co-workers and learns that 2 previous people who held his Fellowship died or mysteriously disappeared. After that, the rest of the book (that I read) turned into a random spy thriller and Gideon gets attacked every couple of pages. There’s no information or asides to tell you why this is happening and in the end, I didn’t really care.

I did like “meeting” John Lau, as he was in the later book I read, Old Bones, and I like the guy, childish giggles notwithstanding and I enjoy the dynamic between Gideon and John Lau. “You don’t have to call me Doc, my name is Gideon” “Ok, Gid!” “Ugh, why not just stick with Doc”. Made me laugh, it seemed like such an organic exchange between 2 acquaintances.

I’ve read later books in the series and enjoyed them, and I’ve already started the second book in the series that’s more of a mystery, so I’m just going to ignore that this book ever happened. So, if you like Da Vinci Code type thrillers, spy thrillers or action movies, you might get more out of this than I did.

Published January 1st 1982 by Walker & Company

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