Questions and Quarrels (Isle of Man Ghostly Cozy #17)

Questions and Quarrels
(Isle of Man Ghostly Cozy #17)
by Diana Xarissa

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.
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I liked this one but for some reason, it didn’t hold my attention as much as the other ones did. Whether that’s due to my crumbling attention span (always a strong possiblity) or this book, I couldn’t tell you.

It had a great plot; a building Fenella inherited from Mona (who received it as a gift from Max) has been empty and seemingly forgotten ever since the candle company that used it closed down. While taking a look inside with her advocate Doncan, Fenella finds a mummified body in one of the offices. Is that why Max told Mona never to sell or rent it? Daniel is called in to help investigate while Fenella helps out behind the scenes.

I usually barrel through these books in an evening but this one just felt unfocused and I had a hard time keeping myself reading it. Maybe it needed some small side mystery to fill in the plot? Perhaps but I’m not an author, so I would’t know. But it felt like this just rambled along until the whole thing could be solved. Additionally, I have several unanswered questions about the plot in this one and maybe that’s why it took me longer than usual to finish it. I can’t really get into my questions without putting in spoilers, but I have to say the actions of a couple of the suspects were peculiar and I can’t figure out why they were doing (or trying to do) the things they did. And I’m also wondering, do cats usually get 3 meals a day? I haven’t had a cat in years but when I did, I just put fresh kibble in their dishes before I went to work.

Anyway, I did enjoy the book, and I did love the plot (and I always like hearing more about Mona and Max) but not as much as previous books. Still, can’t wait for the next one when they go to Buffalo!

Published February 19th 2021 by Amazon Digital Services

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