The Cyanide Ghost

Mr. Beckler is still around and this time he’s attempting to produce spirit photographs and is successful when he captures one during a portrait session for a young woman from a wealthy family. Mina’s suspicions are aroused further when it’s revealed that Mr. Beckler has been taking photos of the gravesites of prominent people in the community, showing the ghostly occupant clearly standing next to their grave. Continue reading The Cyanide Ghost

Into the Sweet Hereafter

Into the Sweet Hereafter(Vintage Sweets Mysteries #3)by Kaye George It wasn’t until I started reading this that I realized this was book 3 and I haven’t read the other 2 books. So I would say it would’ve helped a bit to read the earlier books, but only to help understand and “know” the characters, but it didn’t hinder being able to follow along with the events in this book. But all that aside, this was an enjoyable and light cozy mystery. I enjoyed the plot; smuggling and burglary isn’t one I usually see in a cozy, so it was a … Continue reading Into the Sweet Hereafter