Murder at Wedgefield Manor (Jane Wunderly #2)

Murder at Wedgefield Manor (A Jane Wunderly Mystery #2)
by Erica Ruth Neubauer

Rating: 5 out of 5.
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I requested this book from Kensington on Netgalley because it sounded like it was right up my historical cozy mystery loving alley. I love books set in the 1920s and this one sounded like it was right out of a Christie novel. After a couple of chapters, I realized this was the second book in the series, so I went back and read the first book before I read this one. And I’d have to say, it probably wasn’t necessary, there were very few mentions from the first book and none of them impacted this story but it was well worth the read. This series is definitely now very high up on my must-read list! The books are so easy to sink into, with great characters, a dash of romance and amazing twists to keep the plot moving quickly.

I enjoyed this one a lot, I’ve come to love the characters and look on them as friends. Jane is easy to relate to; equal parts strong, sassy and vulnerable, you just want to be her friend. The dashing and mysterious Redvers adds some spice and watching (well, reading) their chemistry and tenacious investigating makes it easy to “fall” into the story quickly. I also liked that it picked up from where the last book left off, with many of the same characters and giving us more of a look into who they are.

While I figured out “whodunit” pretty quickly (there weren’t many suspects, which made it pretty easy,) I enjoyed watching the story unfold and all the twists and turns. I could’ve done with a bit less of the rehashing that happened throughout the book, but I didn’t feel that it slowed the plot down any; the pace moved along steadily and it really didn’t take much to draw me in and keep me there. But the ending! Absolutely smashed it, loved the thrilling North by Northwest chase at the end and the last chapter left on an open note makes me salivate for book 3.

If you enjoy Agatha Christie, great characters, lovely scenery and riveting plots, this series has it all.

Published March 30th 2021 Kensington Books

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