The Book of Candlelight (Secret, Book, & Scone Society, #3)

I was just commenting on the r/CozyMystery reddit that I thought cozy mysteries were evolving to focus more on the “feeling” of a cozy and leaving out the “mystery” part of a cozy. That is, it seems like a lot of cozy mysteries are just chick lit with a predictable murder plot thrown in as an afterthought and to me, that’s not a true cozy mystery. While Chick Lit has its place, and I’m not knocking it, I read cozy mysteries for the mystery not so much the cozy. This is probably the only series to blow that assumption out of the water. Continue reading The Book of Candlelight (Secret, Book, & Scone Society, #3)

Murder at the Mena House (A Jane Wunderly Mystery #1)

Murder at the Mena House (A Jane Wunderly Mystery #1) by Erica Ruth Neubauer Set during the roaring ’20s, Mena House is a posh hotel overlooking the great pyramids in Egypt. Jane Wunderly and her sharp-tongued aunt, Millie, arrive for a vacation with plans to tour the pyramids, see all the tomb artifacts in the Cairo museum and just relax and enjoy the beautiful hotel. But when a young woman is found murdered and Jane finds herself under suspicion, she teams up with another guest, the mysterious (and sexy) Mr. Redvers to clear her name and find a killer. I … Continue reading Murder at the Mena House (A Jane Wunderly Mystery #1)

Old Bones (Gideon Oliver #4)

Old Bones (Gideon Oliver #4) by Aaron Elkins I picked this book for the Takes place in a non-English speaking country square in r/CozyMystery book bingo on Reddit and it was available at my library. When I read the blurb, it had all the things I like – history, World War II tales, forensic anthropology (I’m a sucker for old bones!) and after reading several good reviews and the “Look Inside” on Amazon (always my first stop when selecting a book) started off the book off with a bang. I was looking forward to diving into this and boy, am I glad … Continue reading Old Bones (Gideon Oliver #4)