Cookies in the Cottage (The Inn at Holiday Bay #13)

Cookies in the Cottage (The Inn at Holiday Bay #13)
by Kathi Daley

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I saved this one to read on Christmas Eve and it was a perfect read to get into the Christmas spirit. Alongside the many festive activities for the guests were were several mysteries; the main plot of a handyman found dead at the estate the three half-sisters Sage, Shelby and Sierra inherited in the last book, which lead to the second mystery – who or what was “haunting” the mansion and did it cause the death of their grandmother, Henrietta and last, someone is leaving gifts for Abby in the cottage, but who’s behind it?

This one makes up for the turkey that was the last book (which was a Thanksgiving book, so that was a really bad pun. *Groan*) by expanding on the story line of the 3 half-sisters and the mysterious death of the handyman, which resulted from some very shady shenanigans and led to an exciting conclusion. I loved the resourcefulness of Abby and Colt to find their way out of the predicament they found themselves in.

But my favorite plot of the book was the secret Santa presents in the cottage that held fond memories for the still grieving Abby. It was so sweet that so much love was shown to her, really put me in the right Christmas mood.

Overall, an excellent, festive read and now I can’t wait for the next one!

Publication Date: December 15th 2020

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