Turkey in the Trap Room (The Inn at Holiday Bay #12)

Turkey in the Trap Room (The Inn at Holiday Bay #12)
by Kathi Dale

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Between 3 and 4 stars, but I’m rounding down to 3.

This one didn’t wow me like the other books in the series have. Usually I read these in one evening because I can’t put it down, but this one took me a couple of weeks to read. Although it had several intriguing plots, it felt…distracted, unfocused, almost as if it was just trying to kill some time before the end of the book. And considering this was meant to be aThanksgiving themed book, it had very, very little Thanksgiving-y fuss about it. It was more or less a footnote at the end.

The main mystery, who killed Dashwood Hollander and why was the biggest head-scratcher. Not only didn’t he appear in the book (well, not while he was alive, anyway) but none of the suspects ever appeared in the book. It’s hard to try and sleuth along with Abby if there’s no frame of reference on the clues or the motives. In fact, most of the book was Abby rehashing everything over and over.

The secondary mystery of sorts, the three half-sisters given tasks to complete to inherit money from the mother of their absentee dad, was definitely the more interesting of the two plots. In fact, if that was the main plot and had more interaction with the three sisters, it would’ve been a great read on its own, but ended up being watered down in favor of the primary non-mystery.

So, the central theme to this review is….Meh. I’m hoping the next book out soon will be better.

Published November 3rd 2020

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