Mystery Movies

With the weather turning cold I’ve been binging on all the Hallmark Mysteries and Movies that I saved but never got around to watching. They’ve done a great job of bringing books to life (well, most of them) and some of them are new to me but super enjoyable.


I tried reading the first Aurora Teagarden mysteriy at one point but I wasn’t able to get into it. I loved several of Charlaine Harris’s other series (Harper Connelly and Lily Bard are ones that I’ve read several times) but I wasn’t a fan of Aurora – until this series started on HM&M. But Candace Cameron brings the series alive. Who’d have thought DJ Tanner was a sleuth?

My favorite so far is A Bone To Pick. Aurora’s friend Jane dies and leaves everything to Aurora – including a skeleton and a mystery. Had me on the edge of my seat!


Mystery101 is another movie series I gobbled up. I don’t know if they’re based on a series (if so, I’ve never heard of it) but I loved this from the first moment of the first movie.

Amy is an English professor and teaches a class on crime fiction, and her knowledge comes in handy when solving murders with the hunky police detective Travis. I love the cast; there’s great chemistry between Jill and Detective Travis, and this series has some great plots and don’t get me started on the scenery. Absolutely beautiful! There’s 5 movies in this series so far and I hope there’s many more.

I also love the Fixer Upper Mysteries starring Jewel and Colin Ferguson (who I absolutely love) I don’t know if they’re going to continue this series, only 4 were made and it’s been a few years since the last one came out – which is so disappointing!

In the first movie, Shannon Hughes, an expert in historic home renovation, is hired by Mac, an investigative crime reporter, to restore the old mansion he just purchased. But when Shannon’s friend Jesse, a deep sea treasure hunter, is found dead and the police chalk it up to an unfortunate accident, Shannon thinks it was murder. Teaming up with Mac, they uncover the clues to uncover a murderer.

I really enjoyed this series, Jewel is fantastic as Shannon Hughes and even gets to sing a bit. Colin Ferguson (who has been in tons of things, but most notably in SyFy’s series Eureka) is always a big draw for me. Add in the beautiful scenery, the old houses (I love old houses!) and the great plots and this is one series you just can’t miss.

So if you’re looking for something to watch, give these a try!

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