Mining for Justice (Chloe Ellefson Mystery #8)

Mining for Justice (Chloe Ellefson Mystery #8)by Kathleen Ernst

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This series blows me away with every book. There are always 3 narratives: Chloe’s, cop boyfriend Roelke’s and a haunting historical story featuring a woman facing horrible hardships. It’s managed so well, too; it seamlessly switches in between the narratives and brings a multi-dimensional facet to the story that’s unmatched in any other series I’ve read.

There was a lot going on this one; Chloe is struggling to find out who was buried in the root cellar of her friend’s stone cottage and also trying to help save the historical interpretation site Pendarvis from closing. Roelke is working on a big drugs bust while trying to protect his cousin from her ex-husband. Meanwhile, centuries ago, a Cornish woman and her brothers immigrated to Wisconsin to mine lead and her struggles and triumphs. There’s a lot packed into this book, but the story is woven so well that it’s easy to switch between characters. I loved the story of Mary Pascoe, from her time as a balmaiden in Cornwall to her immigration to the US and the struggles she faced throughout her life but also her triumphs. Meanwhile, with Chloe away, Roelke was forced to make a drastic decision that haunts him, one he can’t share with anyone, even his beloved Chloe.

I heartily recommend this series, particularly for those who enjoy historical fiction.

Released October 8, 2017

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