Mrs. Morris and the Ghost of Christmas Past (A Salem B&B Mystery, #3)

Mrs. Morris and the Ghost of Christmas Past (A Salem B&B Mystery, #3)
by Traci Wilton

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I love this time of year, the best time to curl up with a warm quilt, a good book with a Christmas theme to get you in the holiday spirit, and a roaring fire (well, I don’t have a fireplace, but there are videos on Amazon Prime, so that’ll have to do.)

This was the first book from the Salem B&B Mystery series that I’ve read, and I’ll definitely be picking up the first two. In this one, Charlene attends a charity auction at a restaurant owned by a recent lottery winner, David Baldwin. Tensions are high at the auction and when David suddenly bolts outside and is fatally struck by a car, there’s no shortage of suspects.

This was my introduction to all the characters and I liked them all, from the analytical and down-to-earth Charlene to hunky ghost Jack to Charlene’s dad (her mom, however, can go freeze out in the backyard. Tone it down, sweetie) and everyone at the B&B. It made for a very cozy read, and the plot, complete with juicy secrets, intrigue and even a bit of humor here and there made for an exciting and enjoyable read.

Published September 29th 2020

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