Mrs. Morris and the Ghost of Christmas Past (A Salem B&B Mystery, #3)

Mrs. Morris and the Ghost of Christmas Past (A Salem B&B Mystery, #3)
by Traci Wilton

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I love this time of year, the best time to curl up with a warm quilt, a good book with a Christmas theme to get you in the holiday spirit, and a roaring fire (well, I don’t have a fireplace, but there are videos on Amazon Prime, so that’ll have to do.)

This was the first book from the Salem B&B Mystery series that I’ve read, and I’ll definitely be picking up the first two. In this one, Charlene attends a charity auction at a restaurant owned by a recent lottery winner, David Baldwin. Tensions are high at the auction and when David suddenly bolts outside and is fatally struck by a car, there’s no shortage of suspects.

This was my introduction to all the characters and I liked them all, from the analytical and down-to-earth Charlene to hunky ghost Jack to Charlene’s dad (her mom, however, can go freeze out in the backyard. Tone it down, sweetie) and everyone at the B&B. It made for a very cozy read, and the plot, complete with juicy secrets, intrigue and even a bit of humor here and there made for an exciting and enjoyable read.

Published September 29th 2020

On Borrowed Crime (Jane Doe Book Club Mystery #1)

On Borrowed Crime (Jane Doe Book Club Mystery #1) by Kate Young

Lyla is a good ‘ol southern gal living in Sweet Mountain, GA, a small town as only the south can do. With its laid back lifestyle and good people you’ve known all your life, it should be idyllic. For Lyla, a receptionist in her uncle’s private investigation office, solving mysteries runs in her blood. Together with a circle of like minded friends organized into a true crime book club, Lyla enjoys the crime investigating life. But when one of the club members turns up dead in a suitcase delivered to Lyla’s front door, crime investigating turns serious – and deadly. Unable to set aside the danger, Lyla puts her skills to the test to track down a killer in her home town.

A first book in a new series always calls to me. What is this new world? Can I settle right in? Will these characters become friends? A first book in a new series is always an open invitation I can never pass up, and this book opened the door to a place I’d love to spend more time in. The characters were equally as charming, I loved Lyla’s granny (would love to see her more as Lyla’s partner in crime…well, crime fighting) and I’m looking forward to seeing where Lyla goes from here.

As for the plot, it was packed with intrigue and tension, from the discovery of Carol’s body to the threats and red herring to the thrilling ending, it made for a can’t-put-it-down roller coaster ride. I admit, this was one of those books where I would decide on the likely culprit but the red herrings always pulled me off the scent. I love books that do that!

Overall, an excellent introduction to the folks in Sweet Mountain, GA and I’m looking forward to reading more!

Release Date: October 6, 2020