Mums and Mayhem (A Magic Garden Mystery #3)

Mums and Mayhem (A Magic Garden Mystery #3)  by Amanda Flower When I saw this as a Read Now on Netgalley, I eagerly snatched it up! In Mums and Mayhem, Fi has her hands full. Not only is she helping out with a homecoming concert put on by a superstar musician to the small village of Bellewick, but her parents are also in town to visit (and to guilt the girls into returning to run the family farm) and to cap it all off, someone killed the magic garden she’s been tasked with keeping! I really enjoyed the main mystery, … Continue reading Mums and Mayhem (A Magic Garden Mystery #3)

His Father’s Ghost (Mina Scarletti #5)

I can say that my automatic rating for this series is five stars, it’s that good. The Victorian period is painstakingly portrayed so realistically, I expect to see men in top hats driving by my window in horse carriages. Continue reading His Father’s Ghost (Mina Scarletti #5)