The Body in the Gravel (Jazzi Zanders #3)

The Body in the Gravel (A Jazzi Zanders Mystery #3)
by Judi Lynn

43426272. sy475 Jazzi, Jerod and Ansel are onto a new flip, a 3 story brick house in need of extensive renovation; just the sort of job the gang does best. The foundation is sinking, so the crew builds forms and calls their cement contractor Darby for a delivery. Darby is a prickly sort who doesn’t get along well with others and has a heated argument with Thane about Darby’s missing wife and son. When Darby’s dead body is delivered in a load of gravel, Jazzi teams up with Detective Gaff to find a killer.

Ok, first I have to get this off my chest. They put a red tin roof and a green door on a yellow brick house? Sounds like Caillou’s house. Yeeesh.

But enough about design choices, I really enjoyed the plot on this one and it feels like the series has hit its stride. I really enjoyed the plot, there were lots of suspects so likable, I was rooting for them to be innocent. When the killer was finally revealed, I was surprised. I mean, I knew one of them did it but the one that did wasn’t high on my suspect list.

Overall, an enjoyable read capped off with a sweet wedding and now onto book 4 so I can read the latest I got on Netgalley.

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