Checked Out for Murder (The Haunted Library Mysteries #4)

Checked Out for Murder (The Haunted Library Mysteries #4)  by Allison Brook

49960767. sy475 I just found this series a month or two ago and loved the first book, so I saw this up on Netgalley Read Now and grabbed it. There’s so much for cozy mystery fans to love about this series; quaint small town setting, a lovely community of people and great plots that keep you guessing.

There was a lot packed into this book; a woman, Daphne, comes to town claiming to be a psychic and requests a slot to do a program about psychic readings at the library. Carrie is happy to sign her up and finds herself enjoying the woman’s company and starts a friendship. At the same time, Carrie’s mother is coming to town with her actor husband, who will be filming a movie in Clover Ridge. Carrie is dreading the drama her mother brings as well as the hustle and bustle that a Hollywood movie filming will bring. The last thing on her mind is a murder, but when Daphne is found murdered and then the movie’s leading lady is also found dead, Carrie begins to connect the dots, past and present, to find a killer.

Like I said, a lot going on this book, which kept the plot moving very quickly. This was one of those books that made you think you knew whodunit, only to change your mind with each new chapter. I like seeing how Carrie has ‘grown up’ so much, from an angsty girl at the start of the first book to an engaging, professional woman in such a short time. The other characters are just as endearing, from Aunt Harriet and Uncle Bosco to Police Chief Mathers to Dylan, Carrie’s art theft investigator boyfriend. The dramatic ending was icing on the cake, and left me both satisfied and wanting more.

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