Atomic Habits

Atomic Habits by James Clear I didn’t read every page of this book, but browsed through it enough to glean a lot of good information. Very organized and practical writing; it lays out all the information needed to make change in your life, and it doesn’t happen overnight. The two things I found most pertinent: your habits (good and bad) come about because of what you made into your identity and the key is not to set goals but to set systems in place to reach goals. Using myself as an example: weight loss. I’ve been trying to undo 40 … Continue reading Atomic Habits

Murder Is for Keeps (Penny Brannigan #8)

Murder Is for Keeps (Penny Brannigan #8) by Elizabeth J. Duncan  Between 3 and 4 stars.  Read through this one quick as this series is always a good read a nd gets me motivated to read more books.  I missed this one when it came out, and after reading the latest book in the series, I backtracked to this one. The main plot, the death of John Hardwick, felt like it stewed in  the background until the AHA moment came.  I also liked the side plot of the 90 year old cold case of the skeleton unearthed on the property. And … Continue reading Murder Is for Keeps (Penny Brannigan #8)

Marsupials and Murder (An Isle of Man Ghostly Cozy #13)

Marsupials and Murder (An Isle of Man Ghostly Cozy Book 13) by Diana Xarissa Poor Fenella is feeling the burden of the millions of dollars she inherited resting on her shoulders. A year after she moved to the Isle of Man after her aunt died, charities on the island have begun their incessant requests for money. One such charity, run by Darrell Higgins monitors the local Wallaby population. Thinking Fenella will donate rather than volunteer, Higgins is surprised when Fenella signs up to take an hour on the next hunt. The day of the hunt dawns cold and rainy and … Continue reading Marsupials and Murder (An Isle of Man Ghostly Cozy #13)

Remembering The Dead (Penny Brannington #10)

Remembering The Dead (Penny Brannington #10 by Ellizabeth J Duncan I’ve read this series since the beginning and I love how the world of Llanelen and the characters have grown and expanded as the series progressed. In this one, Penny is tasked with preparing an elegant old fashioned dinner party at the local estate, featuring a historic artifact – The Black Chair, an honorary award given to celebrated bards; this one was given to a poet who died in WWI and was posthumously awarded the chair. After being refurbished, it is set to become the feature attraction at a local … Continue reading Remembering The Dead (Penny Brannington #10)