Blizzard In The Bay (The Inn at Holiday Bay #8)

Blizzard In The Bay (The Inn at Holiday Bay #8) by Kathi Daley

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Another strong entry in a great series! The Inn at Holiday Bay is hosting a writers’ retreat and there’s a merry cast of aspiring authors, led by Dax Sherman. Abby has a strong attraction to him and is reluctant to see him again but sucks it up. But the mystery -ahhh, a juicy mystery! – during a break in a poker game, a man is found stabbed to death and none of the other people at the game saw it happen – or what anyone else was doing during the break. Dax was at the game and is one of the top suspects after it’s revealed that not only did he know the victm, he also had a motive to see him dead. There was a lot for Sheriff Colt Wilder to untangle and Abby is there to wade through the alibis to find the killer. Colt and Abby make a good team, and while I think it’s unlikely that a sheriff would be so forthcoming about the facts of an investigation, I’m willing to look past that. Abby is great at coming up with some pretty far fetched theories and surprisingly, is frequently correct.

This one was focused solely on the mystery and less about the other characters and their issues and I liked that. The last couple of books had a lot of relationship angst, but it served to move the characters forward and this book had some progress made in a few areas. I also liked the writers at the retreat, and I’d LOVE to read the time traveling nun story!

Overall, a great, entertaining read in a series I’d expect nothing less.

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