Dim Sum of All Fears


Dim Sum of All Fears  (Noodle Shop Mystery #2) by Vivien Chen

This is such a great series! I love the setting, the characters and the plots. Lana is starting to grow up and is adulting hard in this one when she’s put in charge of Ho-Lee Noodles while her parents travel to China to visit relatives. Granted, she was a bit petulant but in the end, she managed to do a great job at the restaurant while tracking down the person responsible for murdering her friend. A great follow up to the debut, this is definitely a series to watch and I recommend it to all cozy lovers.

The Cat Who series

I know, I know, I haven’t been here in forever.  Life caught up with me.  But over the winter I was able to do quite a bit of walking, and on those walks I usually listened to The Cat Who series on audiobook, a really great companion to my walks.  George Guidell really captured Qwill and I loved his “Yoooowwwww!” Koko quotes.

But as I listened to the whole series all the way through, I realized that Qwill was really an asshole, especially to kids.  There were a couple of books that had kids in it and he was frequently  (at the very least) brusque and usually very rude to them.  Who does that? By the end of the series, I liked him less and less.

It also struck me how twisted the stories were.  There were quite a few books that I got to the end of and thought “wow, seriously?”  I’ve read the series several times and I don’t know why (maybe it was listening to it instead of reading it?) made me realize that Ol’ Lilian had a twisted streak in her.

Add to that that the last few books strayed significantly from the characters in the earlier books, culminating in a finale that left me disappointed, disillusioned and disheartened.

With that being said, I’ll probably listen to it again next winter.  😀


So, if anyone out there is still reading this blog, how ya’ll doin?