TBR Tuesday – January24, 2017


My first TBR Tuesday post of 2017!  I’m a little behind, can you tell?

Anyway, in a bid to get myself up to date on my reviews, I’ve put a stop to reading.  It’s killing me.  It really is.  I have a ton of awesome books screaming for me to crack them open and devour them.  But at least I’ve only got a few back reviews left before I can start getting behind again.  My main problem is that I’ve gotten out of the blogging habit, not for lack of interest, but mostly because of lack of motivation.  I think it’s just the winter doldrums, this has been slowly building since Thanksgiving. Sigh

. So, my dear blogging friends, I apologize for being absent for the last month or so.  I promise I will get caught up on all of your amazing reviews and add a few of my own.

31305593This was the kind of thriller that raises the hair on the back of your neck…

The big news is that I will soon have my very first author Q&A and  book giveaway for The Swap (read my review here),  which will be released in just 2 weeks!  On February 7th, the giveaway will start, I will have one autographed copy  for a lucky random winner, and it will be super easy to enter.  Mark your calendars!

So, on to the TBR list (which is growing exponentially every day.)  These are the top 3 I plan to start next.  The Right Side looks to be an awesome read, A Will to Die is the latest in one of my favorite series, The Cliff Knowes Mystery series, and I won a copy of The Memory Box from Fictionphile a few weeks ago.  Three great reads, how am I going to decide which on to read first?

LeAnne Hogan went to Afghanistan as a rising star in the military, and came back a much lesser person, mentally and physically.
San Diego is renowned for its sunny weather and beautiful beaches, but it has its dark side. It is the location of one of the largest mass suicides in American history.
What would you do if you Googled yourself and discovered something shocking?

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