2016 Year In Review


What an amazing year it’s been!   I completed my 2016 reading challenge with over 150+ books read this year (reading all of those books was the easy part.  Writing all of those reviews is another story!) Since  I started Mystereity Reviews in May I have been blessed to meet so many wonderful bloggers and authors.  You all inspire me with your great books and stellar reviews!

It was actually Chelsea @TheSuspenseIsThrillingMe who inspired me to start a blog after she started posting links to her blog in her reviews on Goodreads.  I thought, “Hey! I could do that too!” and off I went.  I like having a “identity” to my reviews and after so much trouble with the Booklikes site, I decided it would be good to have my own blog so I wouldn’t have to worry if a site was inaccessible, and also so that I could be in charge of my own content..  And so here I am, a WordPress Junkie, peddling my book review wares.

At the time I started the blog, I really didn’t expect much attention, maybe a few friends and relatives stopping by to see my reviews.  I had no idea what a warm community of bloggers I’d find.  You have all  raised the bar on book reviewing, and as a result, I stepped up my review game, writing better and more entertaining reviews.  Thank you all for your inspiration, your friendship and your support.  Every one of you have taught me so much, and you’re what makes blogging so enjoyable.

I was also fortunate enough to “meet” so many great authors this year, including the fantastic Diana Febry, and the incomparable Russ Atkinson to the hilarious Barbara Venkataraman, and so many more than I could mention.  I love that this blog has opened my eyes to so many great authors!

And 2016 brought me so many great books, it was easy to meet my reading goal.  I fell in love with Marty Wingate’s  Potting Shed series and Angie Fox’s Southern Ghost Hunter series and read each series to date in just a few days..  A Deadly Thaw and The Swap kept me on the edge of my seat, and I even read a book about butter.  Yes, you read that right, I read a book about butter, and enjoyed it!

I think the one book that impacted me most is Memory of Muskets by Kathleen Ernst.   The story-within-a-story about Roelke’s relatives will stay with me for some time.   Maybe it’s because this crabby ol’ grinch has a heart after all, or maybe it’s just because my relatives also emigrated from Germany around the same time, but it hit me right square in the feels, and is my most memorable read of 2016.

In 2017, I will have a new reading goal of 150 books (at the top of the list to read first is The Memory Box and Juggling Kittens.  Beyond that, there’s  several new books in some of my favorite series coming out in 2017, including the new Hat Shop Mystery, Assault and Beret and the new Murder-By-Month, March of Crimes.  Can’t wait!

Besides my reading goal, one New Years resolution I’m going to make is to be more prompt with my reviews, and also to interact more with the many wonderful bloggers I follow.

And so, as this year comes to a close, I wish everyone a healthy, happy and prosperous 2017 and here’s to cracking open many great new books!

Review: The Cheltenham Square Murder

The Cheltenham Square Murder by John Bude

There had come to his ears a strange, insidious sound – a faint zip, a loud click and long, drawn-out sigh from Cotton

In the affluent neighborhood of Cheltenham Square, things aren’t as harmonious as it seems. The ten houses are host to simmering rivalries, anger, and hatred that lead to a shocking death of one of the square’s inhabitants, Captain Cotton, is killed by an arrow to the head. Superintendent Meredith,  visiting Cheltenham Square for a few days with his friend Barnet, is quickly pressed into service to assist the local force in investigating the perplexing killing. With several obvious suspects, they begin to think that the killing was mistaken identity, particularly when the only witness to the crime is killed in the same fashion. Together, Meredith and Long set out to solve what appears to be an impossible crime.

I really enjoyed The Cheltenham Square Murder, it was an entertaining, complex mystery, with all the charm of 1930s England, the time when this book was written. With a quick pace and a baffling plot, this locked room mystery, set in a small square in England, has several obvious suspects with several good motives and iron-clad alibis. Combined with the bonhomie between Long and Meredith (no inter-departmental rivalry here!) it was an exceptionally delightful and intriguing read.

Overall, The Cheltenham Square Murder is an excellent classic mystery that will entrance and ensnare any fan of mysteries, particularly fans of classic mysteries.

The Cheltenham Square Murder, originally published in 1937, is being re-released as part of the British Library Crime Classics.  It will be available March 7, 2017 at book retailers.  Pre-order your copy on Amazon  |  Barnes and Noble

Thank you to Poisoned Pen Press and Netgalley for an advance copy of this book in return for my honest review.

Series: Superintendent William Meredith #3
Rating:★★★★★ 5 stars
Publisher: Poisoned Pen Press
Publication Date: March 7, 2017
Language: English
ISBN: 9781464206702
Reviewer: Tam (Mystereity Reviews)

Review: Scotland Yard’s First Cases

33389767Scotland Yard’s First Cases by Joan Lock

Scotland Yard’s First Cases is more than a story about Victorian crimes, it’s also a fascinating look at the beginnings of Scotland Yard and the first detectives to come aboard and pioneer the finest law enforcement agencies in UK. It highlights not only their fight to create a detective force, but also their struggles to modernize, deal with corruption in the ranks and to standardize crime cases across the UK. Their legacy is still lives today, as Scotland Yard is recognized world wide as one of the premier law enforcement agencies in the world.

I particularly enjoyed the focus on the methods of detection used, their abilities were admirable, considering the lack of technology and training. Really, it’s a wonder that so many crimes were solved and the compelling cases highlighted in the book are a testament to their tenacity. The author’s thorough research in the archives is apparent in the details, with each case presented in a concise but very entertaining manner and one story about the robbery of a stamp office was particularly amusing. One deteective surmised,

…in his experience, thieves engaged in such big operations tended to suffer from looseness of the bowels. One can imagine Superintendent Maybury’s bemusement when the man from the Yard set about looking for ‘deposits’ which might give them an idea how many men were involved.

I had a good giggle at that one, and it was interesting and satisfying to read how the Yard went on to solve that crime and all the other. Their legendary exploits even made it into literary works of the time, including stories by Charles Dickens.

Scotland Yard’s First Cases is an entertaining first-rate history of one of the world’s most prestigious and recognizable agencies in law enforcement and its captivating cases will appeal to fans of history and/or true crime.

Scotland Yard’s First Cases is available at book retailers or online at Amazon  |  Barnes and Noble

Rating:★★★★✰ 4 stars
Publisher:Endeavor Press
Publication Date: Dec 13, 2016
Language: English
Formats: Kindle/Hardcover
Genre: True crime, History
Reviewer: Tam (Mystereity Reviews)

Review: The Green Case

The Green Case by Diana Xarissa

It’s just after Christmas at Joan and Janet’s B&B in Doveby Dale. With few guests to keep the sisters busy, Janet has joined a womens’ group to make new friends in the area. One of the members wants to invite men to join the group, and they decide to have an introductory meeting with 2 prospective men, a retired investment banker and a retired antique dealer. After overhearing her friends’ conversations with these men, Janet becomes concerned that her friends are being duped out of their savings. Using her snooping skills, she starts asking questions, but can she prevent her friends from being fleeced?

This clean novella-length series proves you don’t need a murder to make a great mystery.The relaxed pace and gentle mystery makes it all so easy to get sucked into the world of Doveby Dale and its quirky citizens. It was adorable watching Janet navigating the world of dating, with not one but two beaus vying for her attention. I always knew Janet was a saucy little minx!

Overall, The Green Case is an enjoyable little story, so grab a cup of tea and curl up with it this afternoon!

Series:Markham Sisters #7
Rating:★★★★✰ 4 stars
Publication Date: Dec 16, 2016
Language: English
Formats: Kindle
Genre: Cozy Mystery
Reviewer: Tam (Mystereity Reviews)

Review: A Killer Kebab

29759761A Killer Kebab by Susannah Hardy

With The Bonaparte House closed for the season and her mother in law gone for the winter, Georgie is looking forward to a relaxing winter; having a some long needed work done on the restaurant’s bathrooms, catching up on her reading and plans to throw a huge Thanksgiving dinner. After the contractors demolish the bathrooms, Georgie finds the body of James MacNamara, her divorce lawyer, dead on the floor, stabbed with a Kebab skewer! When Russ, the son of Georgie’s employee, falls under suspicion, Georgie puts aside her dislike for Russ, who has caused trouble for Georgie in the past, and starts investigating, uncovering several suspects with some very big motives to commit murder.

This is a cute cozy series, well written with great characters and intriguing plots and Killer Kebab is no different. With a well paced multi-dimensional plot that kept me turning pages, the book deftly juggles several storylines, including the murder, a mysterious illness at the resort owned by Georgie’s friend, and even the mystery of an original recipe for Thousand Island dressing, all sprinkled with a bit of humor. Although there was a lot going on in the book, it was all well plotted and easy to follow, and that’s what makes this series so enjoyable. But it was the shocking ending that really makes this a 5 star book. I dare you to read this and tell me that you saw the end coming. Go on! I dare you!

There’s some great recipes at the end of the book, and I’m going to try the Maple Walnut Sandies very soon, and the Tiropita (Greek Cheese Pie) sounds so easy (and so tasty!) I’ve got try it at some point.

Overall, Killer Kebab is an entertaining read to curl up with, and will keep you guessing until the very end.

Killer Kebab is available at book retailers or online at Amazon  | Barnes & Noble

Series: Greek To Me #3
Rating:★★★★★ 5 stars
Publisher: Berkely
Publication Date: Nov 1, 2016
Language: English
Formats: Kindle/Paperback/ePub
ISBN: 9780425271674
Genre: Cozy Mystery
Reviewer: Tam (Mystereity Reviews)

Happy Release Day!


New release!
Iced Under by Barbara Ross

It’s winter in Busman’s Harbor, and Julia has settled in for a quiet winter. The restaurant she runs with Chris is shuttered for a few weeks, and Chris has gone to Florida to help out a friend. When Julia’s mom receives a package containing a very old and expensive necklace that has been missing for several years, Julia tracks down the sender and uncovers her mother’s long lost family with secrets someone will kill for.

Don’t miss  the latest in the Maine Clambake series, now available at book retailers, or online at Amazon Barnes & Noble

Read my review here

Review: Prayer for the Dead

23445664Prayer for the Dead by James Oswald

‘You’re going to make it complicated again, aren’t you McLean?’

In Prayer for the Dead, Tony investigates the seemingly ritualistic murder of a reporter in the historic Gilmerton Caves in Edinburgh, Scotland. With no evidence left at the scene, the investigation flounders amid several more murders possibly related to the first and Tony finds he has no choice but to reluctantly team up with a colleague of the victim, Jo Dalgleish, herself an abrasive reporter who has caused Tony problems in the past. With very few clues, Tony sets out to connect the murders and find a killer.

I’ve been an avid fan of this series since I read Natural Causes back in 2012. Tony is an enigmatic main character; each book tantalizes with just a little bit more of his history and you never quite feel like you get to know him. That accomplishes two things for me; for one, it adds an element of unpredictability that keeps you just a little off balance, you can never get ahead of Tony. The second thing, of course, is it keeps me coming back for more. Add in the colorful cast of characters that makes up Tony’s “family” including Grumpy Bob, DC MacBride, DS Ritchie, Madame Rose and, of course, Mrs McCutcheon’s cat, and it’s easy to be drawn into McLean’s unique world where anything can happen.

The fast-paced plot blended a chameleon of a killer, possibly shifty developers and Madame Rose’s harassment into a twisty puzzle that kept me turning pages. I loved the plot twist at the end about the killer, and that moment when they went to the killer’s house? Creepy!

Overall, Prayer for the Dead is an entertaining and thrilling police procedural that will appeal to mystery fans. This book can be read as a standalone or as an entry into the series, but I recommend reading the series from the start, as there are some minor on-going plot threads that wind through the series.

Prayer for the Dead will be released February 7, 2016 at book retailers

Thank you to Crooked Lane and Netgalley for an advance copy of the book in exchange for my honest review.

Series: Inspector McLean #5
Rating:★★★★✰ 3.5 stars, rounded up to 4
Publisher: Crooked Lane
Publication Date: Feb 7, 2017
Language: English
Formats: Kindle/Paperback/ePub/Hardcover
ISBN: 9780718180195
Genre:Police procedural
Reviewer: Tam (Mystereity Reviews)

Review: Aunt Bessie Knows

31192129Aunt Bessie Knows by Diana Xarissa

3…2….1….Happy New Murder!

It’s New Years Eve in Laxey and Bessie is spending the evening at Thie Yn Trae, where her friend Mary Quayle is hosting a party to ring in the new year. Mary’s daughter has invited her group of friends, including the beautiful Gennifer, who upsets many people after flirting outrageously with some of the men, including Hugh, whose girlfriend Grace is upset and angry when Hugh doesn’t rebuff Gennifer’s advances. When Gennifer is later found dead, everyone at the party is under suspcion. Can Bessie help catch a killer?

Aunt Bessie Knows is another delightful addition to the Aunt Bessie series. This one wasn’t difficult to figure out; while there were lots of suspects, there were only a few obvious ones. Inspector Anna Lambert also returns, much to the chagrin of Bessie and her friends, but her brilliant idea to stage an re-enactment of the party was the best part of the book. It reminded me of Clue, my all time favorite movie.

Overall, Aunt Bessie Knows was a fun read, and I always enjoy another visit to Laxey. This is a great series for cozy mystery fans who like a gentle read with a great atmosphere you can sink into and enjoy.

Aunt Bessie Knows is available at book retailers or online at Amazon  | Barnes & Noble

Series: Isle of Man #11
Rating:★★★★✰ 4 stars
Publication Date: Oct 14, 2016
Language: English
Formats: Kindle/Paperback
ISBN: 9781535404853
Genre: Cozy Mystery
Reviewer: Tam (Mystereity Reviews)

Review: Murder Go Round

30340954Murder Go Round by Carol J. Perry

3.5 Stars

After a “Storage Wars” type auction, Aunt Ibby and Lee bid on a locker full of boxes after Aunt Ibby thinks she sees some promising items. After winning the locker and hauling the contents home, they discover several historical items – and a mystery!

Isn’t that a cute cover?  I’m a sucker for cozies with a cat on the cover, and I love how it shows O’Ryan in the act of knocking over the Statue of Liberty.  And that carousel horse!  Just beautiful.

An enjoyable tale, this series always features original story lines, and Murder Go Round was no different. The intrigue kept me turning pages, and the sprinkle of Russian history added flavor (the descriptions of the Russian pastries, especially!) I loved Stasia, her colorful antics added a lot to the book. I hope she’s in later books, she was a real hoot.

Some elements in the book just didn’t do it for me, so I had to reduce my rating. I’m not going to outline them here; it would give too much away and perhaps (hopefully) those elements will be changed before the book is released.

Overall, this is a cute series, and the book was entertaining and enjoyable but not without a few issues.

Murder Go Round will be released  January 31, 2017.  Pre-order your copy at Amazon  | Barnes & Noble

Thank you to Kensington Books and Netgalley for providing an advance copy in return for my honest review.

Series: Witch City #4
Rating:★★★★✰ 3.5 stars
(Rounded up to 4 stars)
Publisher: Kensington Books
Publication Date: Jan 31, 2017
Language: English
Formats: Kindle/Paperback/ePub
Genre: Cozy Mystery
Reviewer: Tam (Mystereity Reviews)

Review: Cruel Winter

31213483Cruel Winter by Sheila Connolly

Although spring is around the corner, winter isn’t giving up so easily in County Cork, and a blizzard strands Maura and several others at the pub, including a woman who was suspected in a murder 20 years ago. Unable to leave the pub, they all gather to pick apart every detail of the crime, revealing a decades old secret and new revelations that could bring a killer to justice.

This was an outstanding read with a fresh, original plot that drew me in and kept me turning pages. There’s no stumbling over a dead body here; instead, a cold case is poured over and debated. It was almost Agatha Christie-ish, simple, yet complex in a locked room setting.

The setting is quaint and inviting, a small Irish pub with a peat fire, a lively atmosphere, the regulars bellying up to the bar, the musicians cranking out Irish tunes, Rose in the kitchen cobbling together meals for everyone, and especially Ol’ Billy, in his usual chair by the fire. All well described and vivid, it’s not tough to envision the scene at Sullivan’s Pub.

Overall, Cruel Winter is an enjoyable escape, with an unconventional plot that will keep cozy mystery fans guessing with each page. This book can be read as a standalone, or as an entry into the series, but I recommend reading the whole series.

Thank you to Crooked Lane Books and Netgalley for an advance copy of the book in return for my honest review

Cruel Winter is available at book retailers or online at  Amazon  |  Barnes & Noble

Series: County Cork #5
Rating:★★★★✰ 4 stars
Publisher: Crooked Lane Books
Publication Date: March 14, 2017
Language: English
Genre: Cozy Mystery
Reviewer: Tam (Mystereity Reviews)

Review: For Whom the Bread Rolls

33179107For Whom the Bread Rolls by Sarah Fox

For Whom the Bread Rolls picks up where book 1 left off. Marley is having trouble with Ida, a vindictive former employee whose childish pranks are wearing thin. When Marley goes to Ida’s house to confront her, she finds Ida dead, bashed in the head by the lamp that she stole from Marley. Concerned that she’s a suspect in Ida’s murder and how that could impact her business, Marley starts snooping, uncovering no shortage of suspects and a flood of motives. Desperate to clear her name, Marley doesn’t waffle around and sets out to catch a killer.

One of the things that lure me in with cozy mysteries are the titles. For Whom the Bread Rolls gave me a smile and if I wasn’t already a big fan of this series, would definitely entice me to pick it up.

The great plot and steady pace kept me guessing, and that surprise ending crêpe’d up on me and it was over almost too fast. The plot was tricky with lots of misdirection to keep things interesting, and there was muffin that diminished how much I enjoyed this book.

All of these puns are bacon me hungry!

Part of what makes these books so enjoyable for me is the rich descriptions of the lush seaside setting.

“When I opened my bedroom window and drew in a deep breath of sea-scented air…”

*sigh*  It’s 14°F outside right now, I could do with some summer time sea-scented air right about now.

Along with the great setting, the engaging characters really enhance this book. I think my favorite person is Ivan and his glowering arm-folding (and tasty dishes!) and I liked seeing more of him in this book. and I hope for more in future books. Could there be a romance brewing with Lisa? I can’t wait to find out!

Sarah Fox has written another yummy Pancake House mystery guaranteed to keep cozy fans coming back for seconds.

For Whom the Bread Rolls is available at book retailers or online at Amazon | Barnes & Noble

Thank you to Random House-Alibi and Netgalley for providing an advance copy in return for my honest review

Series: Pancake House #2
Rating:★★★★★ 5 stars
Publisher: Random House-Alibi
Publication Date:March 14, 2017
Language: English
Formats: Kindle/ePub
Genre: Cozy Mystery
Reviewer: Tam (Mystereity Reviews)

Review: Cancelled by Murder

29613362Cancelled by Murder by Jean Flowers

After a powerful storm hits North Ashcot, Cassie’s friend, Daisy, is found dead underneath a tree branch. When it’s found that Daisy’s death was no accident, the victim’s husband, Cliff, enlists Cassie’s help investigating the murder.

The plot was convoluted, but not in a bad way! With deftly written misdirections and red herrings, it was easy to get turned around and doubt my instincts, and the surprising ending was satisfying and enjoyable.

One thing I like about this series is that a fascination and appreciation for history, especially postal history, is sprinkled throughout. It’s obvious the author has a real penchant for it, and her enthusiasm is infectious.

Overall, an enjoyable book and a great cozy mystery. This book can be read as a standalone, but the first book in the series is worth a read as well.

Cancelled by Murder is available at book retailers or online at Amazon  | Barnes & Noble

Series: Postmistress Mystery #2
Rating:Rating:★★★★✰ 4 stars
Publisher: Berkley
Publication Date: Sept 6, 2016
Language: English
Formats: Kindle/ePub/Paperback
ISBN: 9780425279113
ASIN: B0191WS0Z4
Genre: Cozy Mystery
Reviewer: Tam (Mystereity Reviews)

New Release: Classical Feng Shui for Health, Beauty &Longevity

feng, shui, book, review, mystereity,Classical Feng Shui for Health, Beauty & Longevity: Transform Your Space to Enhance Well-Being in Body & Home by Denise Liotta Dennis

I’ve been interested in Feng Shui for a long time but never found a good, basic guide for understanding Feng Shui and applying it to my home and life. When I saw this book available on Netgalley, I hoped that this would be my gateway to understanding more about Feng Shui and I wasn’t disappointed.

The information on this book is very well organized and in-depth, with information not only on how natural formations can impact your life, but also the objects in your home. While I was aware that the direction your front door faces can have an impact on your life, I had no idea that where my stove or toilets were placed could have an impact as well.

Using the two types of Feng Shui (Eight Mansions and Flying Stars) and how to determine y I can apply the guidance to my house and hopefully make it more harmonious. Although I live in an apartment and I’m limited in any physical changes I can make, the book has many tips and suggestions to weaken or diminish any negative energies found in my home.

Of the two Feng Shui systems, the Eight Mansions was far easier to understand.  All the information is well laid out in terms a a true beginner like me can understand, but  it’s going to take some time to get a better understanding of Flying Stars and I look forward to studying it further.

Overall, an exceptional book for learning the basics of Feng Shui and I recommend it whether you’re a beginner looking for an introduction, or a practitioner looking for a strong reference book and would make a great gift.

Thank you to Llewellyn Publications and Netgalley for an advanced copy in return for an honest review

Classical Feng Shui for Health, Beauty & Longevity is available at book retailers or online at Amazon or Barnes & Noble

Rating: ★★★★★ 5 stars
Publisher: Llewellyn
Release Date: December 8, 2016
Formats: Kindle, ePub, Paperback
Language: English
Genre: Non-Fiction, New Age
ISBN-13: 9780738749006
Reviewer: Tam (Mystereity Reviews)

Review: The Royal Ghost

29501467The Royal Ghost by Linda Stratmann

It’s 1871 in Brighton and a scandalous account by 2 sisters claiming to have seen Prince George IV and his paramour In flagrante delicto at The Pavilion has shocked and upset many of the town’s citizens. Mina becomes aware that the account may be plagiarized, and begins to look into the matter. When Arthur Wallace Hope, comes to town ostensibly to promote a fund to find Dr. Livingstone in Africa, many of the townspeople are enamored by the charismatic Viscount. Mina suspects Hope’s intentions are not as benign as he would like her to believe. As she investigates both matters further, Mina finds that nothing is as it seems.

I haven’t read the first book in this series, but I have read one of the author’s other books (The Secret Poisoner, and I definitely recommend it!) and I really liked the writing style. I think what I enjoyed most about the book was the Victorian world the author has created, it’s evident how thoroughly the book was researched and the actions and reactions of the characters felt very realistic and vivid. I loved all the descriptions of the conjurors’ tricks, I would’ve loved to have seen that through Mina’s eyes. I had a real giggle at all the women who were scandalized by the thought of a dirty book and yet most of them had already read it, it was a testament to the hypocrisy of the Victorians and their attitudes towards sex, some of which still pervade today. There’s a lot about the topic of Spiritualism, and how the Victorian fascination with death and the afterlife led to charlatans and con artists taking advantage of those beliefs.

The Royal Ghost had a great plot that kept me guessing. I enjoyed watching Mina unravel the mystery behind An Encounter, and I was really surprised at the reveal at the end. While the riveting plot kept me turning pages, the great characters made it truly enjoyable. Mina is an intriguing heroine, with a body crippled by scoliosis that belies her sharp mind, quick wit and iron will. I loved this quote:

Rose, who was both general maidservant and personal maid to Louisa, had, despite the fact that heavy work of the house was assigned to a charlady, a great deal to complain about, but she did so wordlessly, at great volume.

It’s no surprise that she is underestimated, and it’s satisfying when she rises to the challenge. Arthur Wallace Hope makes an interesting foe; wholly fallible, it’s not difficult to understand his misguided enthusiasm in defending Spiritualism, and his zeal makes it easy to love-to-hate him. Mina’s tight-knit group of collaborators -brother Richard, Richard’s paramour, Nellie, and Dr. Hamid and his sister Anna – round out a great cast of characters.

This book can be read as a standalone -but- some of the plot threads in this book are a continuation of the previous book. Although the many references did not hamper my understanding of this book, I do feel that I would’ve gotten more out of this book if I had the context that the first book would’ve provided.

Overall, The Royal Ghost is an outstanding historical mystery, true to the era and a fascinating tour through Victorian times. This will appeal to mystery fans who enjoy a gas-light atmosphere and an intriguing Victorian plot.

The Secret Ghost will be released January 01, 2017.  Pre-order your copy at Amazon  | Barnes & Noble

Thank you to The History Press and Netgalley for an advance copy of The Royal Ghost. This review is my honest opinion.

Series: Mina Scarletti #2
Rating:★★★★★ 5 stars
Publisher: The History Press
Publication Date: Jan 01, 2017
Language: English
Formats: Kindle/Paperback/ePub
ISBN: 9780750966290
Genre: Mystery, Historical
Reviewer:Tam (Mystereity Reviews)

Review: Dead Nasty

32866702Dead Nasty by Helen H. Durrant

When a girl’s body is found in a dustbin, a case that is eerily similar to the crimes of a serial killer recently released from prison, and Calladine’s instincts say that he’s the killer. But with an unshakable airtight alibi, Calladine is warned off of harassing him and Ruth tries to convince Calladine that it’s a copycat. When another girl is found killed in the same manner, and a third girl goes missing, Calladine and Ruth race to find a killer before any more young lives are lost.

Dead Nasty is the second book I’ve read in this series and I loved it as much as the last. Ruth and Calladine make a good team, with Calladine’s gut instincts and Ruth’s rational devil’s advocate mindset balance the pair and keep the investigation moving. The labyrinthine did-he-or-didn’t-he plot kept me second guessing myself with each page. The pace never slows, a nice little plot twist at the end and an unpredictable plot, made for one of those reads that keeps you off-balanced just enough that you can’t put it down.

Overall, another excellent book in the Calladine & Bayliss series, and I recommend it for fans of police procedurals or Brit crime fanatics.

Dead Nasty is available at book retailers or online at Amazon

Thank you to Joffee Books and Netgalley for a copy of the book in return for my honest review.

Series: Calladine & Bayliss #6
Rating:★★★★✰ 4 stars
Publisher: Joffe Books
Publication Date: Nov. 5, 2016
Language: English
Formats: Kindle/Paperback
ISBN: 9781911021896
Genre: Police Procedural
Reviewer:Tam (Mystereity Reviews)

Review: 360 to Paradise

32033322360 to Paradise by Casey Marx

Equal parts exciting, poignant, thrilling and frustrating, 360 to Paradise is the 21st century’s Catcher in the Rye.

This was a captivating read! When I received a copy of this book to review, my first thought was that I was too far out of youth culture to get into it. I was so wrong! I was quickly absorbed into Cody’s world from the very first page. Cody is a kid with a lot of baggage; he never knew his real parents, grew up as a foster kid and has apparently never had anything in the way of a support structure. As a result, he’s had to find his own way in life and is doing a poor job of it. I spent half the book wanting to give the poor kid a hug and the other half wanting to give him a kick in the pants.

The plot was off like a shot right from the first page and follows 24 hours in Cody’s hedonistic life; drugs, sex, partying and all the trouble it brings. His best friend is pregnant, his drug dealer is after him and he risked all of his money on a last ditch attempt at finding his real father. As he makes his way through his day, Cody is forced to confront the reality of his situation and learns a lot of very hard lessons. And that’s the beauty of this story; it’s not a retelling of a day-in-the-life, it’s a heartbreaking look into one boy’s struggle as he comes of age.

Overall, 360 To Paradise is a stellar read that will captivate readers young and old.

360 to Paradise is available at book retailers or online at Amazon  | Barnes & Noble

I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for my honest review.

Rating:★★★★ 5 stars
Publication Date:
Language: English
Formats: Kindle/Paperback
ISBN: 9780996745208
Genre: YA
Reviewer: Tam (Mystereity Reviews)