Review: Arrivals and Arrests

Arrivals and Arrests by Diana Xarissa

I’ve been a long time fan of Diana Xarissa’s other series, so I was eagerly anticipating this book when I saw it come up on Amazon. Set in the familiar locale of the Isle of Man, Arrivals and Arrests has a whole new cast of characters to get to know. I liked it from the first paragraph and liked it even more when I saw Fenella moved from Buffalo, NY – my hometown! And not one joke about the weather! (People from Buffalo will understand.) I enjoyed this book so much, I read it in one afternoon, I couldn’t put it down!

The book follows Fenella, a middle aged college professor who inherits a flat from her aunt, Mona. The day after she arrives, she stumbles upon Alan Collins, a shady businessman, laying dead in an alley behind her building. Fenella finds herself in the middle of the investigation and as if that’s not stressful enough, Fenella finds that Mona hasn’t “moved on” after her death, and keeps popping up unexpectedly to prod Fenella into investigating.

I really enjoyed the twisty plot. Having just arrived to the island, Fenella doesn’t know anyone and you’re just as much in the dark about the suspects as she is, and every motive she uncovers is as new to her as it is to you. With many misdirections, it was fun to join Fenella as she tracks down a killer while meeting new friends on the island.

Arrivals and Arrests brings a whole new crew of characters to love. Mona and Shelly were my favorites, I thought they were a real hoot, adding lots of humor to the story. Fenella also finds herself beihng courted by three eligible men, her neighbor Peter, the dashing Donald Donaldson and dishy detective Daniel Robinson. Which one will Fenella choose? (I’m partial to the dishy detective.)

Most of all, I loved the Tale and Tail pub! Like Fenella, I could easily spend hours there among the cats and the books. Is there an actual place like that on the Isle of Man? If so, I’m booking my flight tomorrow.

Overall, Arrivals and Arrests is an excellent debut to a promising new series and I look forward to more of Fenella’s adventures. I definitely recommend this to readers looking for a fun cozy mystery to curl up with for an afternoon.

Arrivals and Arrests is available at Amazon

Series: Isle of Man Ghostly Cozy #1
Rating:★★★★ 5 stars
Publication Date: Nov. 18, 2016
Language: English
Formats: Kindle/Paperback
ISBN: 978-1537699547
Genre: Cozy Mystery
Reviewer: Tam (Mystereity Reviews)

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