Dead and Breakfast

Dead and Breakfast: A Merry Ghost Inn Mystery by Kate Kingsbury

I love a brand new series. There’s nothing better than the promise of finding a new world to lose yourself in, and Dead & Breakfast is definitely a great new world to get lost in. A beautiful location in Oregon, a big old house set right on the beach, haunted by a laughing ghost, and real skeletons in the closet. This is the recipe for a great book, so I was eager to dive in.

Starting over after a messy divorce, Melanie buys a B&B with her grandmother, Liza, in Sully’s Landing, Oregon. It’s been vacant for years and needs some updating, and while stripping wallpaper in an upstairs bedroom, Melanie and Liza find a hidden door that opens onto a startling sight – a skeleton, dressed only in a nightgown! With only a few weeks until they open, and the police busy with another case, Liza and Melanie start investigating to find a killer before their B&B dream goes up in smoke.

What I really enjoyed about Dead & Breakfast is that it drew me in right from the start, and left me wanting more. I loved the plot, from discovering the secret room to adopting Max to the exciting ending. The story even left a couple of open plot threads that I’m looking forward to seeing more of. I’m dying (ha!) to know more about the laughing ghost (nicknamed Orville by Liza) and what other secrets are lurking at the Merry Ghost Inn.

The main characters, Melanie and Liza, are a likable bunch. I really liked Liza, she reminds me of my own Grammy – high energy, in charge and lovable. There was just enough info to give them dimension, while leaving out just enough that you want to know more. Melanie and Liza made a great team, I loved how they went about snooping around and uncovering clues.

Overall, a very promising start to a new cozy series and I can’t wait to come back to Sully’s Landing and find out more about the giggling ghost!

Thank you to Crooked Lane Books and Netgalley for the advance copy in return for my honest review.

Dead and Breakfast is available at book retailers or online at  Amazon  | Barnes & Noble

Series: Merry Ghost Inn #1
Rating:★★★★★ 5 stars
Publisher: Crooked Lane Books
Publication Date: January 10, 2017
Language: English
Formats: Kindle/ePub/Paperback
ISBN: 9781683312390
Genre: Cozy Mystery
Reviewer: Tam (Mystereity Reviews)

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