TBR Tuesday – September 06, 2016

TBR Tuesday is a feature on Mystereity Reviews where I’ll highlight what’s at the top of my To Be Read list.

Labor Day has been and gone (where the heck did summer go?) and I’m now 3 books behind on my 2016 reading challenge.  I’m hoping to make a dent in my reading this month, and I’ve got some promising titles:


Daufuskie Island, Mystery, Time Travel, Mystereity, John LuederDaufuskie Island – John Lueder

This magical story of time travel, magic, and adventure is a modern-day quest through the low country paradise of Daufuskie Island.

I’m already halfway through this one and really enjoying it.  In the vein of Half Magic by Edward Eager (one of my favorite childhood books) this would appeal to middle graders who love adventure and magic.




29343597 The Hope that Kills – Ed James

New series from one my favorite authors, The Hope that Kills has been at the top of my TBR list since the author first began teasing readers about it, so I was beyond excited to find it on NetGalley.  Set in London, DI Fenchurch investigates the savage murder of a prostitute and uncovers a complex and evil scheme as he delves into London’s sex trade.




29523521A Deadly Thaw – Sarah Ward

Lena Grey is found guilty of murdering her husband, who was found smothered in their bed. She offers no defense, and serves fourteen long years in prison. But within months of her release nearly two decades later, his body is found in a disused morgue, recently killed. Who was the man she killed before, and why did she lie about his identity?

I’ve been seeing a lot about this book recently, and I was intrigued by this story of family secrets and murder.




cozy mystery, Victoria Hamilton, mystereity, booksMuch Ado About Muffin – Victoria Hamilton

In this fresh mystery from the national bestselling author of Death of an English Muffin, baker Merry Wynter comes to the aid of an innocent woman accused of murder.
When muffin baker Merry Wynter sees an innocent woman accused of murder, it’s dough or die...

I love this series, set not far from where I grew up in Western New York, and I’ve been looking forward to catching up with Merry and her gang for a while now.




What’s at the top of your TBR list this week?  Leave a comment, I’d love to hear about it!

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