Review: Who Killed Vivien Morse

mystery, book, review, mystereity, vivien, morseWho Killed Vivien Morse by Diana J Febry

Who killed Vivien Morse? A killer, of course. But which one?

When a social worker is found dead in the woods, battered to death with a tree branch, DCI Hatherall and his team are called in to investigate. Was it a domestic dispute? Did the mysterious Druid have something to do with it? Or was it her last client, a damaged girl who clutches a bundle of rags, calling it her baby, Future? DCI Hatherall has to put all the pieces together to find a killer.

This was a fantastic book, so absorbing that I read half of it in one sitting and only reluctantly put it down. I really enjoyed the plot, the many threads woven together to create a multi-dimensional story packed with suspense and intrigue that lead up to a great ending, I loved that sinking realization when you realize what you’ve missed and just what’s going on, then the race to the finish to see how it all plays out.

I really enjoyed the characters, from pragmatic and methodical DCI Hatherall to the colorful villagers, the rich characters added much depth to the story. What really drew me in was the disturbed girl who clutched a bundle of rags, claiming it to be her baby, Future. I just had to know more about it! But I really enjoyed the dotty Druid, Dick Death.

“Death? Your surname is Death?”
“No, it’s pronounced Dee-ath.”

I loved the humor Death brought to the story (not many times you can say that about a book!) and I hope he makes appearances in the later books, he was by far my favorite character in the story.

Although this is book 4 of the DCI Hatherall series, it can easily be read as a standalone. While there were a few references to past events, they didn’t confuse the story at all. This author is going to the top of my authors to watch, and I can’t wait to read more of this series.   Fans of Brit Crime will really enjoy this, with a strong sense of location, well-drawn characters, a strong plot and a satisfying conclusion, Who Killed Vivien Morse is a gripping mystery that will draw you in from the first page.

Who Killed Vivien Morse is available for Kindle fomat at Amazon and in ePub format at Barnes & Noble

Thank you to the author, who provided a copy of the book in exchange for my honest review.

Series: DCI Hatherall #4
Rating: ★★★★★ 5 stars
Publisher: Wings ePress, Inc
Publication Date: August 1, 2016
Genre: Police Procedural, Mystery
Formats: Kindle, ePub
Language: English
Reviewer:  Tam (Mystereity Reviews)

5 thoughts on “Review: Who Killed Vivien Morse

  1. Thank you! I’m so pleased you enjoyed my book and Dick! He’s one of my favourite characters. I first created him in my second book, Debts & Druids. Being early in my writing career he was more bizarre and most reviewers were quite stumped and a bit, “What the hell is this?” That book does explain how he ended up being arrested for the murder of his best friend’s wife. Gladys is my second favourite character and was created in my best selling book to date, Bells on her Toes.
    I have always been disappointed that readers didn’t like my character Dick and I was toying with the idea of re-writing Debts & Druids when inspiration hit and I decided to write a new book where Dick and Gladys would meet.
    If you would like to read any of my other books, just let me know.
    Hopefully I’ll catch up with you at the Online Crime Party. I’m not directly involved but I know several of the hosting authors. I’m especially looking forwatd to the live updates from the Bloody Scotland Crime Festival.


    1. I can’t imagine any who wouldn’t like Dick, he’s such fun! I’ve read a lot of Brit Crime books and he really helps set your books apart, a little bit of silliness to break up the gloomy plot (and weather!) Paired with Gladys, who is is just as dotty, they made for a real bright spot in such a gritty plot.


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