Review: Secrets Untold

30848365Secrets Untold by Brooklyn Shivers

I was offered a complimentary copy of this book by the author and after reading the premise, I was hooked. Lily Thomas runs an ice cream shop with her mom, Rose. After Lily has frightening visions of her mom’s murder, it sadly comes true one horrifying day. After the police close the case as a burglary gone wrong, Lily knows it’s up to her to find her mom’s killer.

Although a novella, there was a rich amount of detail to set the scene. I felt like I really got to know Lily, I really felt for her after she lost her mom and I admired her strength and perseverance. The mysterious detective, Jarred, was intriguing and I’m really interested to find out the secret he’s hiding. The other characters in the book weren’t as developed as the main characters, but I’m confident they will be in later books (which makes me want to read more!) The really satisfying ending made the book for me, solving the murder while making a cliffhanger for the next book. You can be sure I’m going to pick that up once it comes out.

Overall, a great debut and a very enjoyable read. I’d say this is more like a YA book and would be perfect for younger readers who enjoy paranormal romances/mysteries. There’s no bad language or sexual situations, so a parent could feel comfortable letting a teenager read this book.

Secrets Untold is available on Kindle at Amazon

2 thoughts on “Review: Secrets Untold

  1. Once again you’ve convinced me… To Amazon I go!!! 🙂 This one sounds great and even as an adult, I like the fact that there are no sexual situations; it can be a bit off putting at times! Thanks again for another great recommendation!

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