Review: Engaged in Danger: A Jamie Quinn Mystery

26401450Engaged in Danger: A Jamie Quinn Mystery by Barbara Venkataraman

Entertaining and amusing, the Jamie Quinn series has intriguing plots, lots of laughs, great characters, and packed with action.

Jamie Quinn, a South Florida divorce attorney with a knack for finding herself in trouble, has her hands full in Engaged in Danger. After Jamie is contacted by a woman wanting to divorce her husband, a well-connected lawyer, Jamie enlists the help of BFF Grace and PI Duke in what will be a difficult court battle. As they work to build their case, they uncover evidence of financial crimes, Russian mobsters and murder.

This was the best book out of the series so far. Jamie seems to be doing a better job with coping with life’s up and downs. Despite an argument with Grace and boyfriend Kip leaving for 3 months on a Save The Wombat project, Jamie manages to soldier on without falling apart, while keeping her characteristic sense of humor. I have to say, there was more than one time in the book where I wanted to give Jamie a good shake and tell her to smarten up. But the taut plot with all its twists and turns kept me turning pages and guessing until the very end. I loved Precious Paws, the animal shelter that Jamie visits where all the dogs are named after British musicians.  I loved Jagger the terrier and long haired mutt Ringo Starr and the idea to use them to create paintings as a fundraiser.  What a great idea!

Overall, Engaged in Danger was a light, fast read and a great addition to a solid series. I definitely recommend this series to cozy mystery fans.

Engaged in Danger is available for Kindle at Amazon

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