Review: The Madness of Mercury

30054044The Madness of Mercury by Connie Di Marco

Cute cozy mystery with a great premise, suspenseful plot and great characters and an action packed ending.

Julia, an astrologer, becomes a target of harassment from a religious group called The Prophet’s Temple. After doing a reading for a client’s elderly aunt, she learns that the other aunt is being wooed into joining the cult. Much bad mojo ensues, throwing everyone into danger.

I liked the premise of an astrologer doing the investigating. I mean, who would be any better chart out instances where evil could cross your sign, or even portents of harm? I’d sign up for that, except it probably costs a lot.

I got bored with the all the harassment and intimidation by the whack job cult after awhile. It was just too much filler and it really bogged down the book. In fact, I had to skip a few chapters in the middle of the book because it got so repetitive and boring. I did enjoy the action-packed ending, though, it made up for the plodding story in the middle of the book.

Overall, a cute read with interesting characters and a great plot, just a little too much filler.

The Madness of Mercury is available at book retailers or on Amazon

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