Review: Death Pays The Rose Rent

26192746Death Pays the Rose Rent by Valerie S. Malmont

Tori Miracle was an aspiring crime reporter in New York City when, after being shunted to the unwanted role of fashion reporter, quits  her job to become a novelist.  After penning her first novel, The Mark Twain Horror House, she waits in her tiny, rundown apartment to hit it big.  After an invitation from her best friend, Alice-Ann, to visit her in rural Pennsylvania, Tori packs up her clothes, her cats and her typewriter and jumps on a bus.  Soon after arriving, she learns her friend is having marital issues with her husband, Richard.  Not long after, Richard is found dead and Alice-Ann is the prime suspect.

I really enjoyed this book, from the easy style of writing to the characters to the rich plot.  It was easy to sink into and I really liked the off-beat but likeable characters. The only issue I had with the story is that Tori makes several references to prior events, making it sound as though there was an earlier book in the series.   It’s too bad there isn’t, because it sounds like it would make an even better book than this one.  Just a touch of the supernatural in this story, and also caves.  I like caves.  I would love to be exploring all those paths under the town!

I have to say, I did figure out who the bad guy was because they were constantly ignored on the list of suspects.  Just a bit obvious, but like I said, the rich plot was so great that I couldn’t stop reading.

I deducted half a star because of all the Edison idolizing.  I’m not a fan of Edison,  he was less a brilliant inventor and more a fraud who took credit for the discoveries of many of his employees, like Nicola Tesla for example.  Ugh.  Stop the idolizing, please!

Overall, a really great start to a series and recommended for anyone looking for a light read and a great mystery.


This book was originally published nearly 20 years ago, so it may be hard to find in bookstores, but you can  pick up a copy on Amazon

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