Review: Trouble at Pelican Penthouse

29849307Trouble at Pelican Penthouse by Minnie Crockwell

If you don’t have the time to drive an RV around the country solving murders, then this is the series for you.  (But also if you like short cozy mysteries and/or 18th century ghost crushes)
This is the 10th book in the Will Travel for Trouble series, in which Minnie drives her RV around the country with Ben, her 18th century ghostly companion, and finds murder at every stop. In Trouble at Pelican Penthouse, Minnie rents a beach house on the Gulf coast for a week because all the RV parks in the area are full.  Minnie uncovers evidence of illegal shark fishing and soon after, a man is found dead.  Can Minnie solve the mystery?

One of the best things about this series is that they’re so short that they can be read in an hour or 2 but don’t sacrifice quality. I love the richness of the setting, how well the characters are drawn; and an intricate plot with  lots of red herrings and plot twists to keep you guessing.

Overall, this is another great entry in an already great series and one I recommend to anyone looking for a quick read or who enjoys cozy mysteries.

Trouble at Pelican Penthouse is available only on Kindle or Kindle Apps.  Pick up a copy at Amazon


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