The Skeleton Garden

26143415The Skeleton Garden: A Potting Shed Mystery by Marty Wingate

The Skeleton Garden, book 4 in the Potting Shed Mystery series, has Pru Parke and new husband Christopher living at Greenoaks for a year and investigating the discovery of a skeleton buried next to a downed WWII German plane and another body found at the site days later.

I loved the historical mystery; I read a book with a similar storyline last year and I like mixing the past and present in one story. While I figured out the old mystery pretty quickly, the second, more recent murder of who killed prodigal son, Jack, at the site of the plane burial was much more intricate.

Introduced into the story is Christopher’s 17 year old nephew, who is sent by his parents to stay at Greenoaks as punishment for hacking into someone’s email. At first, Orlando is a typical surly teen, but quickly grows to enjoy the gardening work Pru and brother Simon set him to do. Although the character wasn’t given a lot of dimension, it was still easy to relate to him (who doesn’t know a surly teen?) and he turned into a likable kid.

All in all, an enjoyable plot with several dimensions and easy to settle in to. I thought it moved slower than the other books, but the relationships between the characters made up for it.

Fully enjoyable, it was a great read and definitely a great addition to an already great series.

The Skeleton Garden is available in book stores and on Amazon

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