Copy Cap Murder

Copy Cap Murder by Jenn McKinlay Guy Fawkes Day, mayhem and murder.  All in a day’s work for the gals at Mim’s Whims hat shop! Book 4 of The Hat Shop mystery series, Copy Cap Murder has the Mim’s Whims women  attending a Guy Fawkes party at a house owned by Harry Harrison’s boss.  After an altercation, one of Harry Harrison’s co-workers is found dead and Ginger Scarlett sets out to prove Harrison’s innocence. I dived into this right after finishing At The Drop Of A Hat, and there was a lot to like.  The plot was very well done, I don’t think … Continue reading Copy Cap Murder

Review: At the Drop of a Hat

At the Drop of a Hat by Jenn McKinlay At the Drop of a Hat is book 3 of The Hat Shop series.  Scarlett and cousin Vivian meet a young woman, Ariana, who brings them an old Mim’s Whims hat that she wants repaired so that she can wear it to her wedding.  When Ariana is arrested for her boss’s murder, Scarlett and Vivian work to prove the woman’s innocence. This series would make a great drinking game; every time Scarlett’s face turns flaming red, take a shot.  Every time the names “Harry” and “Ginger” are used, take a shot. … Continue reading Review: At the Drop of a Hat

Review: Trouble at Pelican Penthouse

Trouble at Pelican Penthouse by Minnie Crockwell If you don’t have the time to drive an RV around the country solving murders, then this is the series for you.  (But also if you like short cozy mysteries and/or 18th century ghost crushes) This is the 10th book in the Will Travel for Trouble series, in which Minnie drives her RV around the country with Ben, her 18th century ghostly companion, and finds murder at every stop. In Trouble at Pelican Penthouse, Minnie rents a beach house on the Gulf coast for a week because all the RV parks in the area are … Continue reading Review: Trouble at Pelican Penthouse

Review: Strange History

Strange History by  Bathroom Readers’ Institute Strange History is a collection of historical trivia that will leave you laughing.  I’ve already had several occasion to reference the fact about the day it rained geese in Canada I love books like this where every page is a something new waiting to be discovered. I found it hard to put the book down and even when I wasn’t reading it, I was thinking about it. Inside, you can find historical facts encompassing everything from the longest unassisted solo cow flight in recorded history to historical facts about famous figures, to the treasures … Continue reading Review: Strange History

Review: Who Killed The Ghost In The Library

 Who Killed The Ghost In The Library by Teresa Lee Watson Cam Shaw is a ghostwriter looking for a new gig when she gets a note requesting a meeting at an old manor outside of town.  When she gets there, she discovers her client is an actual ghost – and he wants to know who murdered him 60 years ago. Pretty good for the first in a new series.  The plot was top-notch; once I dived into the book, I was hooked.  While I figured out the who about halfway through the book, I stayed for the why. So why … Continue reading Review: Who Killed The Ghost In The Library

Review: Project Smoke

Project Smoke by Steven Raichlen Perfect gift for anyone in your life who loves to barbecue! I’m a cooking show junkie, and Steven Raichlen’s shows on PBS (Barbecue University, Primal Grill and Project Smoke) are some of my favorites.  I love his straightforward, easy to understand style and his enthusiasm for all things grilling is infectious. The Project Smoke cookbook is no different.  There’s a lot of information packed into this book, including tips on selecting the right woods, the equipment and tools you will need, and  recipes and tips for smoking all kinds of meats, fish, poultry, vegetables and … Continue reading Review: Project Smoke

Review: Death of a Mad Hatter

Death of a Mad Hatter by Jenn McKinlay Book 2 of The Hat Shop Mystery series has Mim’s Whims hat shop creating hats for a client’s Alice In Wonderland themed tea party.  When the client’s son turns up dead amid family tension over an inheritance.  Scarlett and the gang must find a mad as a hatter killer. The plot was quite good, but it was overshadowed by the schmaltzy, almost forced, romantic tension between the MC and the token hunky guy.   I thought the investigation was a little far-fetched, (let’s visit a funeral home to find clues!)  but overall, I enjoyed … Continue reading Review: Death of a Mad Hatter

Review: The Donaldson Case

The Donaldson Case by Diana Xarissa Janet and Joan are back investigating mysteries in the latest Markham Sisters novella.  In The Donaldson Case, can they find the evidence to clear their neighbor’s name? I remember when I read the last book in this series, The Chalmers Case, that I felt it lacked focus and rambled a lot.   I’m happy to say this one was a lot better; just one main mystery and one small mystery, all told succinctly and without filler.  And that’s what I enjoy about this series; the fact that a well-written mystery doesn’t need a dead body, … Continue reading Review: The Donaldson Case