Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Between a Rock and a Hard Place by Marty Wingate

Book 3 of the Potting Shed Mystery has Pru heading to Edinburgh, Scotland for a temporary job authenticating a newly discovered journal by Archibald Menzies, a noted 18th century botanist. Trouble starts with her colleague, Iain, whose disapproval and snide comments about how she got her job lead to tension and arguments between the two. When Iain is found dead, Pru finds herself under suspicion and begins investigating to clear her name.

The plot was very good; lots of twists and turns and suspicious people. The whole wedding planning was a little over the top, I had a hard time believing that a 50 year old woman would have so much trouble picking out a dress that she had to have her friend take care of all of the details. And all the fawning over the details with the detective investigating the murder was also a bit weird. I don’t know, I think subtracting the whole wedding planning and the wedding itself wouldn’t detract from the story in the least. It was cute and all, but a little too much drama considering it was a pair of late-middle-agers getting married and not a blushing 20 year old virgin.

Overall a great read and a very enjoyable series.  This book can be read as a stand alone, but I recommend reading the whole series in order.

Between a Rock and a Hard Place is available at book retailers or on Amazon.


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